Team Building Training Information


Learn Team Building Skills to Develop High Performing Teams

Alliance Training and Consulting Team Building training takes you beyond the buzzwords and titles. We get to the core of building a team. We show your managers how to bring people together.

We provide solutions to move from group work to teamwork.


Our Team Building training gives a powerful boost to the spirit and effectiveness of any group. Our interactive, activity-based team building programs lead to better understanding, clearer direction, stronger motivation, and greater team productivity. Alliance will create a team building training program for your company using our Team Development Model.

Our Team Development Model addresses five key elements of the team performance

  • Purpose
  • Plans
  • Team Dynamics
  • Individual and Team Goals and Objectives
  • Motivation to Achieve Results

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Why Management Training is Important to Team Building

Managers typically understand the need for team plans, but many have difficulty planning team efforts that utilize the skills, abilities and style of individual team members most effectively. Plus, most managers find it difficult or do not know how to communicate the team vision and purpose in a manner that motivates the team to achieve the goals and objectives of the plan.

Adding to these challenges is the team building effort are team dynamics. Often managers do not understand group dynamics or know how to create the right team dynamics to help the team function effectively when the pressure of deadlines and change are looming.


Managers will learn how to motivate and inspire the team as a whole.


Our activity-based training, focuses on team building techniques managers and supervisors can implement for immediate and sustained improvement in team spirit and performance. We provide practical “how-to’s” for effectively managing team conflict, different personality types, communication styles, team dynamics and more!


Team Building Training Benefits

  • Turn “work groups” into “high performance teams”
  • Implement the five critical elements of a peak performance team
  • Use team rules that play a crucial role in team success
  • Balance individualism with teamwork to motivate individuals and the team as a whole
  • Effectively communicate and work with different personality styles
  • Capitalize on the strengths of individual team members
  • Communicate and gain team buy-in to achieve goals and objectives
  • And much more...


Alliance can help your organization manage and motivate team efforts at all levels.


All of Alliance’s programs are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements. Plus, our training is 100% guaranteed.  We will make certain your training targets your people and your organization's needs.