Teamwork – Making it Happen


Build Team Spirit, Improve collaboration and Get Your Team Back on Track for Top Performance

This training session is designed to bring the team together for better results. Let's face it, High Performance Teams don't just happen. Teamwork involves more than hiring a group of talented individuals. Great teams collaborate, have a shared vision and other essential team qualities, but that’s after the fact. What can team members do to make that happen? The answers may surprise you.

In this energetic workshop, participants discover new understandings about perceptions, styles and behaviors 
to help them improve team performance and deal with rapid change.

Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants develop a better understanding of how they can work more effectively with others. They develop a new appreciation for different temperaments and make constructive use of those differences to gather information, make decisions, and orient to today’s challenging environment.

Participants develop increased awareness of their natural strengths – as well as potential blind spots – and how to use this awareness to work most effectively as a valued team member. Everyone leaves this session with practical how-to’s they can apply immediately to improve communication, gain buy-in for goals, encourage problem-solving, minimize resistance to change and get their team efforts back on track for improved success.

With the powerful “use them now” strategies developed in this session, team members will be able to ramp up team initiatives and maximize success.


Who Should Attend

All members of a team who want to make a high impact and develop great team synergy.


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Creating a shared vision
  • Self-assessment
  • Making constructive use of differences
  • Recognize the eight attributes of highly effective teams
  • Identify what role(s) you can play to be a more effective team member
  • Identify participants’ BEST FIT Temperament for team success
  • Reduce stress and boost productivity – A hands-on approach to creating the ideal work climate for your team
  • Prepare the team for rapid change
  • A simple activity to stop and do when you need to get a team meeting back on track
  • Identify the current status of your team and what you can do to improve it
  • Explore the practical, day-to-day application of types in the workplace

This program can be customized for a ½-day or full-day session.


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