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Alliance Training is an industry leader providing corporate training services to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government agencies. 

Our training seminars and workshops deliver highly interactive training to engage the learner, make learning fun and make the learning points "stick."

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Alliance offers a wide selection of business and professional development courses available for online learning.

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New CourseConflict Management - Working Through Differences

This newly reformatted conflict management workshop develops communication skills to resolve conflict and helps people work through difficult and challenging situations effectively.

In this highly interactive course, participants learn not to sidestep or fear conflict but to manage it. Practical examples, realistic scenarios and experiential exercises help participants learn – and practice - proven techniques to resolve differences.

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Sexual Harassment Training That Works

New Sexual Harassment compliance training combines interactive cases, exercises and “You-Make-The-Call” scenarios to engage and challenge participants.

Sexual Harassment for California, New York, New York City, Connecticut and all other state and EEOC training requirements and guidelines.

These workplace harassment prevention courses drive positive behavior, bystander intervention and effective compliance decision-making.

Compliance training for managers and supervisors and employees...Alliance Training’s onsite sexual harassment courses turn compliance training into a positive learning experience. Read more…

"</Interactive Training for Government Agencies

By providing highly interactive learning experiences, Alliance Training has rapidly become a leader in providing training to federal, state and local agencies throughout the US. Our best-value training solutions save time, and leave more budget to achieve your agency’s mission.

Our trainers have a proven ability to provide our government clients the insight and experience needed for practical training to administrative, professional, managerial and technical staffs.

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GSA Contract Training Information


How to Manage and Motivate a Team


Develop Team Leader Skills to Motivate the Team Achieve Goals and Meet Deadlines

This is a 1-day Team Building and Team Management training session. Learn how to motivate people, develop team members, delegate team responsibilities and communicate effectively with your team and avoid the mistakes that so many team leaders make!

So you’re the team leader. Is this a newly formed team? Are you the new team manager? Or, are you trying to jump-start the team that need to be re-energized to meet new challenges? If so this training session is for you.

These days, teams are being challenged with having to do more with less, demands are coming with heightened urgency, and your team is tired and tense. As team leader, your job is to motivate individuals and the team as a whole to meet ever-increasing demands and get solid results.

Today’s business realities create pressure growing expectations decrease. The keys to effective team management in these challenging times lie in understanding the fundamentals of employee motivation. Old incentives like job security and company advancement are not as effective these days. Creating a new team culture is required.

In this highly interactive training session you will learn the keys to turn around team problems and motivate the entire team and keep the team on track for improved performance. You will develop new skills and discover new techniques when:

  • Individual team members and departments aren’t working well together
  • There is a lack coordination and communications takes place between functions
  • There is resistance to change
  • Team conflict and cliques start to affect performance and quality
  • Negativity and lack of enthusiasm impacts quality and customers
  • Newer team members aren’t readily accepted by experienced team members
  • Miscommunication and small mistakes quickly escalate into overblown problems



Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors who need to manage and motivate their employees to work more effectively as a team. 


Training Benefits

  • Increase the productivity of the work being performed
  • Increase the quality of the work being performed
  • Improve organizational effectiveness by improving communication between people and departments
  • Increase employee performance and creativity
  • Keep the team on tract during times of change 
  • Improve team morale


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

I. Essential Team Building Requirements

  • The importance of working together as a team
  • Common reasons team building fails
  • Where to begin the team building process
  • Recognizing obstacles to team success
    • New team
    • The new team leader
  • Understanding how personal work styles and personalities impact team dynamics

II. The Team Building Stages and Process

  • Understanding team building stages 
  • Key motivators for each stage of team development
  • Develop improved team communication skills 
  • Define and communicate team vision and expectations 
  • Set clear team goals and objectives 
  • Align team, department and organizational goals
  • Key motivators for individuals and teams to facilitate a strong team 

III. Developing the Cohesive Work Team

  • Define and communicate team vision and expectations 
  • Set clear team goals and objectives 
  • Align team, department and organizational goals
  • Establishing individual and team accountability and responsibility 
  • Effective team delegation communication
  • Develop a collaborative team approach 
  • Help the team deal with change effectively
  • Promote more creative problem solving among team members

IV. Maximize Performance and Continued Team Success

  • Keys to team leadership
  • The keys to running effective team meetings 
  • How to recognize and overcome common team dysfunction
  • Encourage appropriate risk-taking 
  • Resolving conflict within the team
  • Giving feedback to motivate individual and team performance


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