Leading Effective Virtual Teams - Webinar


Learn specific strategies and techniques team leaders use to make virtual or remote teams more effective and successful.


In this interactive webinar you’ll learn how to develop and lead effective teams of people working remotely. Effective use of technology is critical but so is strong leadership skills to communicate, plan, solving problems, coach and manage conflicts between people electronically.

(This 3-hour webinar can be split into two 90-minute sessions.)

We focus on leadership skills for better virtual team communication, collaboration, connection and coaching.

Training Benefits

    • Implement techniques and strategies that improve remote worker effectiveness
    • Make online collaboration work - encouraging different views – considering options
    • Overcome the dangers of distance – physical – operational – culture – time
    • Improve trust between diverse team members
    • Develop a more cohesive team that performs when the pressure is on

Virtual Team Building topics covered in this webinar:

    • Getting started - Prepare the virtual team members
      • Where are you now? (A self-assessment of current leadership and team effectiveness)
      • Creating virtual team culture for success
      • What to expect – what is expected of you
      • The new realities
    • Leadership and management skills to enhance for virtual team success
    • Facilitation techniques to communicate and elicit feedback in virtual meetings
    • Identify how team members differ in work style, communication style, culture, and more…
    • Recognizing issues and “read” feelings over the phone and video conferencing
    • Set team goals effectively
    • Techniques to improve collaboration
    • Handle conflict effectively during team meetings and outside of them
    • Use both asynchronous and synchronous methods for exchanging and evaluating information
    • Tracking performance
    • How to coach the off-site employee
    • Resolving team conflict in a virtual environment
    • Provide the means to handle a variety of work schedules
    • Actions to take when the pressure is on
    • Construct an approach to coaching, counseling and correcting individual remote team members
    • Create your Action Plan


Working remotely and Virtual teaming is here to stay. This new reality presents unique challenges to high performance. For future success, businesses must ensure employees have the essential skills to be effective remote employees and virtual teammates.   

Take advantage of our low-cost Instructor-led webinar and onsite training for all employees and management personnel.

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