Collecting Accounts Receivable Fast and Legally


Learn Proven Approaches and Strategies to Excel at Collecting Past-Due Accounts

(CPE credits available)

Who Should Attend

Accounting professionals, customer service managers, small business owners, collections professionals, salespeople, credit professionals, bookkeepers, financial managers or anyone who wants to collect more in less time.

Training Benefits

  • Carry out the best practices for an efficient accounts receivable department
  • Plan your strategy – different approaches for different situations
  • Identify creative negotiating strategies – getting outside the box to find better solutions
  • Recognize the legal consequences of collecting accounts receivable
  • Identify how to format a cash-flow forecast to plan, monitor and control the cash flows and the cash position of a company, maintaining its liquidity
  • Recognize how to improve a company’s security by reducing financial risks and achieving adequate liquidity


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Recall what you need to know about federal laws that apply to collections, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Consumer Protection Act  
  • Recognize the difference between promissory notes-secured versus nonsecured
  • Identify what you need to know about Mutual Release Agreements
  • Recall how to legally track down customers who have skipped out on their debts
  • Recognize the key elements in analyzing credit application forms
  • Recall how well crafted credit terms can generate business and profits
  • Recognize how to evaluate your credit and collections system as a whole
  • Identify how to respond effectively to common payment objections
  • Distinguish when it is time to write rather than phone
  • Recognize collection letter mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Recall the basics of a good collection letter
  • Write letters for special situations
  • Recognize when and how you should consider legal action to collect a past due account
  • Distinguish how to work successfully with outside collection agencies
  • Identify how to turn your interest charges into a strategic tool
  • Recognize the newest types of payment fraud
  • Identify how to be effective when doing business internationally


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