Financial Analysis


Learn How to Use Financial Indicators and Benchmarks

Develop financial analysis skills and techniques to:

Allocate Resources Effectively
Evaluate Projects for Maximum Return-On-Investment
Assess Cash Flow
Analyze the Time Value of Money
and More…

(CPE credits available)

Who Should Attend

All management employees who do not possess extensive experience or education in accounting and financial topics. Executive secretaries and administrative assistants.  (Recommended for three-day training, can be customized for one or two-day training.)


Training Benefits

  • Recognize what financial analysis is all about
  • Identify how financial analysis is used in every phase of business operation


Overview of Topics Covered and Leraning Points Developed Provided

  • Recognize the planning cycle
  • Acquire shareholder value: gain understanding of the most frequently mentioned measures of corporate performance
  • Recognize performance indicators: a selection of the most powerful measures of profitability, liquidity and solvency in use today
  • Assess cash flow: several cash basis performance indicators will be introduced
  • Analyze time value of money: learn how to calculate a variety of compound interest problems using the most popular financial calculators
  • Investigate capital project analysis: review any investment - from the purchase of property, plant and equipment to the development of a new process or the acquisition of another company
  • Explore the characteristics of capital leases and operating leases and the effect they have on the financial statements; participants will learn how to structure a lease to meet the financial objectives
  • Explore mergers and acquisitions: understand why companies combine and the types of professional help required; review the required information you must present when approaching a merger or acquisition
  • Identify risk: review the use of statistical techniques to help recognize the varying degrees of risk in making financial decisions


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