Determining Independent Contractor Status


Learn IRS Rules on How to Determine if a Worker is an Employee or Independent Contractor

Make legally correct determinations of worker classifications.

Understand how to document your Worker Classification Decisions.

Onsite and Online Independent Contractor Status Courses available.

(CPE credits available)

This onsite course gives you with the tools and techniques to make legally correct determinations of worker classifications. It serves as a complete guide to safely hire and use independent contractors.

The course discusses facts and issues that indicate the existence of an independent contractor or an employer-employee relationship. We give you the guides needed to determine which facts are the most relevant under the common law standard. In addition, we give you the necessary information on how to document your classification decision and the protection you have under the law if you have made a misclassification.

Who Should Attend

Everyone in the company that has hiring authority.

Training Benefits

  • Verify that your company is in compliance
  • Prepare and streamline the required information gathered
  • Recognize the issues to avoid costly mistakes
  • Develop a plan to avoid the end of the year panic
  • Recognize how to be “audit ready”


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided 

  • Distinguish Independent Contractors: Benefits vs. Risks
  • Determine Worker Status
  • Apply Common Law Test for IC Status
  • Apply Economic Reality Test
  • Apply Other Tests for IC Status
  • Identify Tax Implications of Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors
  • Recognize Safe Harbor and Good Faith Misclassification Allowance
  • Discover IRS Penalties for Misclassification
  • Investigate State Laws for Misclassifying Workers
  • Explore Workers’ Compensation and ICs
  • Testing Procedure for ICs and Workers’ Compensation
  • Apply Labor, Anti-Discrimination, and Safety Laws (FLSA, CRA, and OSHA laws)
  • Analyze Intellectual Property Ownership Laws
  • Identify Steps for Hiring Independent Contractors
  • Compare Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Explain How Your Treatment of Independent Contractors is Justified
  • Investigate State Tests for Unemployment Compensation


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