Payroll for State and City Governments


Onsite Seminar…Learn Wage & Hour Law exceptions for State & Local Governments

Payroll law is complex.

Learn where you are vulnerable and how to fix payroll problems.

Avoid Fair Labor Standards Act violations, penalties & costly litigation.

(CPE credits available)

Who Should Attend

Professionals who must have a solid understanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage and Hour Law) to better determine their company’s legal and payroll responsibilities, avoid wage and hour violations that result in steep penalties, and avoid costly litigation.


Training Benefits

  • Distinguish the areas of payroll that fall under federal, state and joint regulation
  • Recognize how to avoid the penalties and fines of non-compliance
  • Identify the exceptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage and Hour Law) for the state of California
  • Apply the formula to protect budgets when paying overtime
  • Recognize the importance of classifying employees correctly
  • Recognize the mandatory recordkeeping compliance laws 


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Identify work classification
  • Discover how to classify workers correctly
  • Recognize the reporting process for new hires
  • Identify the FLSA record-keeping requirements
  • Identify employees exempt from FLSA
  • Analyze the salary requirements for exempt employees
  • Determine overtime pay for exempt employees
  • Recognize the rules for docking an exempt employee’s pay
  • Distinguish overlapping federal and state wage and hour laws
  • Identify what constitutes hours worked
  • Determine what the law says about meal and rest periods
  • Recognize special pay requirement for firefighters and policemen
  • Determine overtime when working at two or more different rates
  • Distinguish how to correctly figure regular rate of pay when employee receives shift differential, non-discretionary bonus, and guarantee pay for time not worked, etc.
  • Identify the rules for offering comp time
  • Identify fringe benefits: what’s taxable and non-taxable
  • Recognize accountable expense reimbursement plan
  • Recognize non-accountable expense reimbursements
  • Identify the steps to take for payroll security and audit compliance
  • Recognize the legal liability for unclaimed paychecks


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