Supply Chain Management Training


Learn Fundamental Functions of SCM to Increase Efficiency

(CPE credits available)

This Supply Chain Management Seminar helps participants meet management’s profit objectives. This onsite training helps provide supply chain management techniques to direct and coordinate staff in every aspect of purchasing operations. Participants discover new supply chain management approaches, gain the latest information on Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and Resource Requirements Planning, and much more.

Use effective supply chain management to improve profitability and market potential.

Supply chain management has become tremendously important in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The term “supply chain” refers to the entire network of companies working together to design, produce, deliver and service products. While many companies focus on manufacturing and quality improvements within their organization, the best companies extend their efforts beyond their organization to encompass the entire supply chain. 

This interactive training session encompasses the key elements of supply chain management and provides a basis for developing a strong supply chain management function that can improve profits and market potential.

Not only will you get your supply chain management efforts aligned with corporate strategies, you can make certain that improvements in supply chain efforts are paying off.

Our expert facilitators will tailor the program to the specifics of your situation and the participants.

Most companies struggle with even the basics of balancing supply and demand in their supply chains. For example, supply chain professionals know sales and operations planning (S&OP) is important to your company. However, few companies can actually say they have a strong S&OP process in their business. This interactive training session can change that.

Participants will be introduced to the fundamental and basic aspects of supply chain management, including basic resource planning systems, the interrelationships between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply, and the role of technology.  Everyone will leave with a better understanding of an integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow and distribution from raw materials to finished products.


Who Should Attend

This interactive training is designed for: senior level managers, materials managers, warehouse professionals, inventory control specialist, purchasing professionals, finance and accounting specialist, and transportation and traffic specialists. Plus, your vendors and suppliers can also benefit from the interactive discussions throughout this training session and you are welcome to invite them to your session.


Training Benefits

  • Apply supply chain system best practices
  • Discover how to increase purchasing efficiency through better inventory management
  • Produce an effective supply management program
  • Produce accurate inventory data
  • Evaluate customer service levels
  • Discover new supply chain management technology
  • Recognize how to substitute information for inventory
  • Design effective teamwork strategies with vendors and suppliers
  • Acquire the knowledge to collaborate with suppliers for better service
  • Determine how to reduce lead times coming and going
  • Recognize how to implement continuous improvement throughout the supply chain process


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Recognize Customer Service, Warehousing and Distribution
  • Planning, Performance measurements and data accuracy
  • Apply Inventory Management
  • Distinguish Procurement, Purchasing and supplier management
  • Recognize Demand Management, S&OP (sales and operations planning) and Production planning
  • Discover Forecast planning, execution and tracking
  • Acquire the knowledge to master Production Schedule and Rough-Cut capacity planning
  • Identify Capacity Planning, Resource Requirements Planning, Capacity Requirements Planning, Scheduling
  • Recognize Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Bill of Material (BOM), and Role of the Planner
  • Carry out Quality Management and Problem solving
  • Assess Preventive Maintenance


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