Negotiation Skills for Purchasing Agents


Learn How to Negotiate the Best Possible Deals and Get Better Prices, Service and Quality

(CPE credits available)

This negotiation skills training will equip purchasing agents with powerful tools and strategies for purchasing negotiations. This course benefits both those experienced in purchasing negotiations and those relatively new to the profession.

The interactive format of this program maximizes audience participation and feedback. The training includes many exercises and activities giving participants the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques used by professional negotiators. Each participant will receive a workbook reference including checklists and guides to prepare for and execute negotiations effectively.

Alliance tailors each course to the client’s needs and specific learning objectives. This includes designing the program around multi-national and multicultural issues. Therefore, we will want you to speak with the selected facilitator to refine the course learning objectives and any organizational issues that may impact the training. This conversation will also help them tailor the examples, cases, exercises and other interactive aspects of the program to your organization. We want the training to be relevant to your learners and provide a real-world learning experience. 


Who Should Attend

Buyers in service, manufacturing, health care, government and office purchasing. Whether you are a new purchasing professional or a veteran, this course will be valued for its strong emphasis on real world practices and corporate teamwork. 



Training Benefits

  • Build negotiation planning skills 
  • Evaluate the key negotiating strategies 
  • Integrate the participants in challenging negotiations based on real-life situations 
  • Apply the tools needed to maintain strong working relationships with vendors and suppliers 
  • Propose strategies for dealing with internal customers



Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Identify what you can negotiate 
  • Recognize the stages of negotiation 
  • Prepare high quality questions 
  • Acquire the skills to negotiate with suppliers 
  • Prepare your plan of negotiation 
  • Recognize the settlement range 
  • Build your skills of diffusing conflict 
  • Recognize the “dirty words” of negotiation 
  • Prepare to address those with whom you have differences 
  • Acquire the ability to use persuasion to get what you want 
  • Analyze the first offer dilemma 
  • Acquire the ability make effective concessions 
  • Acquire the ability to break deadlocks 
  • Identify how to deal with savvy suppliers 
  • Acquire the ability to deflect the bully’s attack


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