CA Harassment Case Settled - Training Questioned


A sexual harassment lawsuit case against the Paradise Unified School District and a former principal has been settled.  

The case was brought by Kim Jones, a former teacher.

Valerie Lum, of the Paradise Post, Paradise, CA, reported that the plaintiff described the case as a: "Failure to maintain an environment free from harassment; sex discrimination/sexual harassment; negligent supervision; breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing."

The civil suit alleged that Jeff Dixon, a former principal, made inappropriate sexually-oriented statements to Jones and that Paradise Unified School District has never had a written policy concerning sexual harassment and has never conducted any sexual harassment training. Superintendent Steve Jennings maintained that the school has refresher sexual harassment training once a year for all employees.

This case points out two very important factors required for an affirmative defense against harassment claims.

  1. Sexual harassment training must be thorough and documented.

  2. All management and supervisory personnel must be trained in their responsibility to monitor and take action against inappropriate behavior.

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