Employee Free Choice Act - Training Required


By: Dale Mask

Employers, are you prepared to face a major change to federal labor law since the mid 1900’s? 

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is a union-friendly law and is supported by the Obama administration. The law will eliminate the secret ballot election. As currently written, the law could easily force employers into binding arbitration with unions. Training on the Employee Free Choice Act regulations now can help your organization effectively deal with the challenges the law could create. The following is a basic overview of the impact the EFCA will have on organization.

The proposed Employee Free Choice Act is anticipated to pass this year and will: 

  • Eliminate secret ballot elections and institute a union when a majority of employees sign union authorization cards. (It is important to note that the signed cards remain valid for a year.) 

  • Federally-appointed arbitrators will have the authority to write the terms of a binding union contract when the parties involved cannot come to an agreement. 

  • Penalties for infractions could increase up to $20,000 per occurrence.

  • With the passing of this law, US Corporations will be exposed to be more aggressive and increasing sophisticated efforts designed to expand union membership.

Executives, Human Resources Professionals, Supervisors and Managers must be trained to be knowledgeable and prepared for the EFCA.  Now is the time to take action to meet the new challenges. Now is the time for organizational training on the Employee Free Choice Act.

By: Dale Mask

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