Distressed Projects: Prevention and Intervention Strategies


Learn Practical Strategies to Reverse Project Failure - Recognize and Recover Distressed Projects

Finally! Today’s fast-paced, high change project environments, coupled with organizations where formal project management may not be its strong suit, are often short on the necessary up-front planning. These casual approaches can be the beginning of runaway (off-schedule and budget) projects that are high risk for failure.

This course gives practical advice and strategies for the prevention, behavior detection, analysis, recovery and control of distressed projects, focusing on where the project is in relation to its original goals/targets, realigning the project objectives and team (with the least amount of opposition and angst), and building a sound execution and control strategy to solidify the project’s recovery and successful completion.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for project, program and portfolio managers who are responsible for the monitoring, control, analysis and recovery of at risk projects.

Training Benefits

  • Be able to develop early warning signals of high risk projects
  • Learn strategies for preventing projects from becoming distressed
  • Be able to define dashboard metrics to track project performance over time
  • Know how to increase the likelihood of project success
  • Develop recovery plans for distressed projects


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understand and define “distressed project”
  • Understand milestone trend charts as early warning signals
  • Understand earned value as an early warning signal
  • How to accommodate early warning signs and metrics
  • Assess the current state of the project
  • Understand possible corrective action steps
  • Identify the original business case and project expectations
  • Identify the current deliverables and completion status against the original plan
  • Identify and prioritize “then critical” and “now critical” deliverables
  • Develop project execution plan elements
  • Validate recovery estimates, resource loading, budget and schedule
  • Establish monitoring strategies and thresholds for budget and schedule issues
  • Establish monitoring strategies and thresholds for risk management issues


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