Project Risk Management


Learn how to use effective risk assessment tools to evaluate and respond to risk at project and task levels.


This Project Risk Management course teaches widely accepted risk assessment, management and control practices using tools and techniques.

In this Project Risk Management Seminar, participants learn the phases of project risk management and develop the skills needed to identify and analyze common sources of risk. They learn how to respond to basic types of risk and how to develop an effective risk management plan.


Who should attend

The course is designed for project managers or project team members who require a better understanding of risk management in their projects.


Training Benefits

  • Classify project risks according to the knowns, known-unknowns, and unknown-unknowns
  • Identify and classify project risks
  • Follow the process for risk assessment
  • Apply techniques to quantify project risk
  • Develop a risk management plan



Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Risk Management Planning Overview
  • Who is responsible for risk management
  • Who should perform the risk analysis
  • When should risk analysis be done in the project life cycle
  • When it should be reviewed and updated risk analysis
  • Risk Identification – How is it determined?
  • Identifying the most critical risks facing projects
  • Analyzing Potential Risk Probability and Impact
  • Using the tools available to determine risk factors
  • Understanding which risks should be focused on
  • Understanding what can be done to remove or reduce risk and it’s potential impact on the project
  • Know when to take risks and when to avoid risks
  • Applying practical Risk Analysis Methods
  • What are the best techniques for different situations
  • Skills and procedures used to build probability assessments of schedule and cost risks in sample projects
  • Developing the project baseline and estimating schedule and cost contingencies
  • Building a Risk Response Plan
  • How the project manager should address each recognized risk
  • Assigning risk control to project team members
  • Building in contingencies
  • Developing a mitigation or avoidance strategy
  • Differentiate between management reserves and contingency reserves
  • Parameters for risk acceptance
  • Develop a risk management plan


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