Fundamentals of Project Management


Learn Project Management - How to Plan, Implement, Monitor and Deliver Projects on Time

This Basic Project Management Training Seminar gives participants a fundamental understanding of what project management comprises and how projects differ from normal work activities. 



Who Should Attend

This course is for those with little or no experience of project management who intend to work on a project or intend to manage a project soon, and want to learn project management skills quickly.


Training Benefits

  • Learn the language and principles of project management
  • Gain basic project management skills and techniques in one day
  • Improve your ability to work as part of a project team
  • Apply practical advice and tips from an experienced project manager


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Learn what makes a good Project Manager and which things are vital to successful outcomes
  • Discover how to perform a breakdown into separate phases and learn what needs to be done in each phase
  • Define project objectives
  • Identify objectives which align with business goals
  • Understand the Stakeholder Analysis
  • Learn to manage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
  • Know how to conduct stakeholder analysis
  • Practice some common techniques such as creating Work Breakdown Structures to identify and plan the work
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of your team members
  • Learn effective techniques for estimating work
  • Discover how to perform effective scheduling using Gantt charts as a planning technique
  • Know how to apply the critical path technique to help you deliver on time
  • Understand how budgeting is performed throughout the project lifecycle
  • Write a plan to describe how you intend to achieve the desired project outcomes
  • Master using baselines
  • Learn how to track projects and keep them on course for success
  • Understand how to effectively report progress
  • Use Risk Management techniques to avoid failure
  • Learn how to write a risk management plan
  • Develop your personal Action Plan


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