Managing Multiple Team Projects


Learn the latest Project Management Planning and Prioritizing Techniques to Manage Multiple Projects

Integrating independent teams to work on a single project is a big challenge. Customer-facing organizations have a number of distinct advantages, but with those advantages come some unique challenges. The incidence of projects involving two or more teams is increasing and creating a number of problems when those teams have to be integrated to work on a single project.

In this course, we will examine three models for integrating independent teams to manage a project. The goal of this course is to enhance strategies and skill sets. We improve first as individuals, then collectively as a team, reinforcing your organization’s project management processes and practices. Instead of simply identifying and defining project management tools, this course will ask you to interpret and apply the tools, templates and processes you are already using.

The exploration of effective leadership techniques requires the participant to become more reflective. You will be asked to look in a mirror and be honest about what you see. This type of course can be challenging on a much more personal basis. Looking at a process is neutral and relatively risk free; looking at one’s self is tricky business!

You will be asked to apply all of your experiences by selecting the management structure most appropriate for any project requiring the use of multiple teams. While this is by far the most challenging of courses, it is also the most rewarding and incorporates the most important variables of any successful project.



Who Should Attend

Project team members and team managers at all experience levels.


Training Benefits

  • Define multiple team projects
  • Understand the unique challenges of leading multiple team projects
  • Identify processes unique to multiple team projects
  • Be able to explain the three organizational structures for multiple team projects
  • Know when and how to use each structure
  • Understand the impact of multiple team projects across the project management life cycle


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • What is a multiple team project
  • Challenges of multiple team projects
  • The Project Office Structure
  • The Core Team Structure
  • The Super Team Structure
  • Hybrid Structures
  • Roles and responsibilities of each structure
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each structure
  • Impact of each structure on the project life cycle


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