Project Management for Sales


Learn to Apply Basic Project Management Techniques to Improve Sales Results

This sales training session is designed to be a working meeting. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will develop a sales project management template to better plan and manage all activities in the sales process. They will learn to apply project management techniques to the sales process to stay on top of the critical points in the sales process. This is especially important when they have complex sales  and multiple sales opportunities going on at once.

Managing complex sales and multiple sales opportunities requires good project management skills.


With this program, participants will have a process and a plan to target their sales activities, meet time estimates, manage control points, control risks, and achieve greater sales success. 

Designed as a ½-day session, approximately 90% of the course will be hands-on; applying the proven principals of good project management to the sales process. Project Management for Sales is a great session for your next sales meeting. 

Because the course is activity-based and highly interactive, the sales project management plan developed by participants will be specifically tailored to the requirements of your industry and your organization.


Project Management for Sales Workshop Overview:

I.   Sales Process and Template Development

  • Strategic Goal Establishment
  • Activity Definition Guidelines
  • Sales Process Scoping Document and Checklist    
  • Work/Activity Breakdown Structure (WBS) Models
  • WBS Identification Criteria

II. Sales Process Plan Development

  • Internal and External Dependencies
  • Identifying Sequential and Parallel Activities  
  • Activity Effort and Duration Estimating
  • Schedule and Coordination Point Development

III. Sales Process Plan Tracking

  • Milestones Development
  • Schedule Controls Development
  • Critical Path Definition and Development  
  • Gantt Chart and Time Line Development 

IV.   Sales Process Control and Re-planning

  • Proactive Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Contingency Plan Development
  • Management Control Point Establishment 


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