How to Develop and Implement a Project Management Methodology


Learn Project Management Methodology Implementation

In order to build a foundation for effective project management at the highest level of abstraction three questions must be answered. This three-day workshop answers these questions:

  • Where are you?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How will you get there?

The reason for asking these three questions is simple and obvious if we look at the second question first. We will define a future state of project management processes and practices – a goal if you will (Question #2). In order to plan a strategy for achieving that goal (Question #3) we have to know the starting point of that journey (Question #1).

Where are you? The answer to this question involves conducting an assessment of current practices in project management. As part of that assessment, a profile of past projects is established. The most important part of the answer is a listing of major problems and issues associated with current practices.

Where do you want to go? The final realization of the goal of having a Project Management Methodology (PMM) in place and in use across the organization is only part of the answer. A more mature goal might be to have projects integrated into the business decisions of the organization and even to have a continuous improvement process defined for the practice of project management. These are project management maturity model considerations and may well be part of a longer term strategy for project management in the organization.

How will you get there? Now that we have defined the two end points of our journey, we can begin to fill in the gap between them.


Who Should Attend

Teams that have been charged with the design and implementation of a PMM will benefit from this workshop. This will be the initial challenge to a newly formed Project Management Office (PMO).


Training Benefits

  • Define what constitutes successful project management for your organization
  • Develop a strategy specific to your organizational needs
  • Have a roadmap for building an effective PMM
  • Know the common pitfalls of establishing a PMM
  • Develop an effective PMM Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Define an effective support function
  • Know what constitutes a PMM performance dashboard


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Assessing the scope (enterprise, business unit, functional unit) of the PMM
  • How to form a task force to develop the PMM
  • Holding a kick-off meeting to announce the project to the organization
  • Defining the project life cycle to align with your business processes
  • Establishing a project classification model as the driver of the PMM
  • Building an effective tool, template and process toolkit to support the PMM
  • Defining the stakeholder groups and their PM needs
  • Outlining the PMM for each project type
  • How to plan and hold a town meeting to approve the PMM
  • How to gain stakeholder approval of the PMM
  • How to support the PMM
  • Appointing an owner of the methodology (usually the PMO)


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