Everyday Rules for Every Supervisor


By: Dale Mask

Here are five rules every supervisor should follow everyday. They are simple in concept and easy to do. Challenge yourself to follow them.   

  1. Know your people.  Take time to offer a friendly greeting at the beginning of each workday. You will be amazed at how your greeting in the morning can set the tone of an employee’s attitude all day. A “grumpy” boss will most likely have “grumpy” employees. Let employees know that you care about them as individuals. So, talk to them occasionally about their outside interests.

  2. Give plenty of feedback.  Let people know you really do notice the work they do. Make specific comments about the work they do. For example, instead of just telling a person they did a good job, be specific about what was really good about their work. You might say, "I really liked the amount of detail you put into that report." If it is details you want, give feedback on the amount of details they give. Also, expect inexperienced workers to make some mistakes. So, when mistakes are made with new tasks, assume first that your instructions were not clear, and take the time to clarify the expectations. 

  3. Never ignore non-performance.  When you recognize someone is not meeting job expectations, check to see what’s happening. Identify and discuss the problem performance with the employee and let the worker know what you expect.

  4. Praise workers who do what’s expected of them.  Remember, a paycheck is not sufficient recognition for satisfactory job performance. Just praising the exceptional performance will mean few employees will be praised. It’s easy to praise top performers, but don't forget the rest. Take the time to show those who regularly perform their work adequately that you appreciate their efforts. Remember, good performance gone unrecognized will diminish. If you don't show you care about what they do, why should they care? If you don't show you appreciate them, why should they appreciate you? I could go on, but you get the idea.

  5. Remember the work atmosphere.  The most important part of the work climate is a healthy sense of self-esteem. When employees feel good about themselves and they feel good about what they do, it is much easier for them to be cooperative and display a willingness to go the extra mile for you. When you think about it, the attitude of the boss is the most important attitude of all. You set the tone.

Following these five supervisory rules can make the difference between success and failure as a supervisor. Check yourself every day against these five rules.   

By: Dale Mask

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