Motivation and Employee Development Skills for Managers


Learn Management Best Practices to Motivate and Develop Employees for Improved Results.


The process of motivating and developing employees is of huge importance to any organization. The problem is too few managers ever get proper training to develop the skills required. This seminar goes beyond motivation theory and provides practical, easy to apply employee motivation techniques that will help any manager motivate employees to higher levels of performance.

We call it “positive accountability.”  For people to be empowered, they must first accept accountability. Too often, holding employees accountable for their actions is seen as a negative process. In this session, managers learn how to motivate employees to willingly accept accountability for their own performance. 

This session develops the management communication, coaching and mentoring skills to hold employees accountable in a positive manner, engaging employees to accept responsibility for improved performance, and empowering employees to be more productive.

This interactive program takes managers through critical areas that help them motivate staff and create employee development plans that work with any individual. Rather than making assumptions, managers learn how to use improved listening and verbal communication skills to better manage and motivate their employees.



Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors who want to develop the skills to motivate employees and use positive techniques to enhance employee development and performance.



Training Benefits

  • Managers learn to apply motivational techniques to improve employee performance
  • Employees are motivated to their own self-development
  • Employee development goals are aligned with organizational goals
  • Employees willingly accept more responsibility
  • Managers learn skills to hold employees accountable
  • Managers learn skills to apply performance management techniques using positive approaches
  • Managers apply practical approaches to develop performance improvement plans with employees
  • A culture of continuous improvement is developed



Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Focusing on what’s really important – your  'primary purpose'

Employees may be more motivated if they understand how they fit into the organization’s primary purpose. Learn how clear they are about your organization's principles, priorities and mission.

  • What obstacles are keeping employees from performing their best?

To motivate employees you must first eliminate the de-motivators. What are employees tolerating in their work and home lives? What can the manager do to eliminate practices that zap motivation?

  • What really motivates your employees?

People are not all motivated by the same thing.  What motivates one person today may change tomorrow. In reality, people are motivated by a whole range of factors (financial rewards, status, praise and acknowledgment, competition, job security, public recognition, fear, perfectionism, results…and more). Learn to ask questions and listen to elicit what really motivates individuals and uncover their values.

  • Making employees feel empowered

How to effectively give employees some autonomy and motivate them to find their own solutions instead of just completing a list of tasks to perform and waiting to be told what to do.

  • How to limit the impacts of change on employee motivation

Learn how to uncover information about employee fears and concerns relating to organizational change. Use respect and honesty to limit the impact of rumors and uncertainty.

  • What patterns of motivation in your organization impact performance?

What really gets rewarded in your organization and your department? You may be surprised by how the employee sees it. Learn how to take advantage of high and low motivation in your organization.

  • Aligning employee goals and organizational goals

Learn how to get employee goals in line with organizational goals. Take advantage of how employees really want to spend their time. You may find employees are highly motivated but going about the "wrong" priorities.

  • Improving employee involvement

How to take the consultative approach to develop employees and encourage them to improve performance and even to take on more responsibility. Discover how to make employees more comfortable when receiving feedback.  Learn how to encourage employees to give you better feedback.

  • Improving employee commitment

Use goal setting as a tool to motivate employees. Develop better goal setting techniques. Discover how to hold people accountable in a positive manner to improve commitment and motivate people to higher levels of performance. We call it “positive accountability.” To empower employees, they have to accept accountability.


  • Action Plan: Developing individual employee development plans

Create an action plan to put a meaningful employee development plan into effect.


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