Coaching & Feedback Skills: How to Get Employee Cooperation to Correct Work Behaviors


Develop skills to give constructive feedback, gain employee cooperation and improve job performance.

Learn how to give effective performance feedback in this one-day seminar was developed by Ross BlakeEmployees want performance feedback information - good and bad. It is the information they need to succeed! The problem is, most managers and supervisors feel uncomfortable about giving negative performance feedback. Waiting to give feedback during the annual performance review creates surprises, frustration and anger, and leaves employees feeling ambushed.

Supervisors and managers need to give employees performance feedback on a regular basis. Whether it’s for everyday work situations such as not following procedures, meeting or not meeting performance standards, surfing the internet, providing good feedback is an ongoing responsibility. It's not just for the annual performance appraisal. But because many find it difficult to do, too often there is little valuable feedback, positive or negative, given – even during the performance review session.

Most managers struggle with giving employees feedback.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “Why are you singling me out?! Everyone else talks on their cell during work hours!”
  • “I wasn’t spreading negative gossip about other employees, I was only defending myself.”
  • “I can’t help it if I sometimes arrive late, my car doesn't always start.”

In this highly interactive session, participants learn how to quickly and easily give employees feedback – without tons of paperwork, defensiveness or hurt feelings. They develop the skills and practice the techniques to deliver constructive performance feedback that promotes buy-in, participation and growth for employees.

NO PowerPoint! This is a highly interactive session.

The emphasis is on learning skills through demonstrations, discovery, group activities and skill practices where participants directly apply new skills using their workplace situations. Each participant receives a reference manual and skill-builder cards to reinforce learning points after the training.


Stop the negative employee reactions to feedback and the “laundry lists of complaints” about your performance feedback system.


Who should attend

This seminar is designed for team leaders, supervisors, managers, business owners, HR professionals, personnel about to be promoted, recently promoted personnel and anyone wanting to build their communication and performance coaching skills.


Training Benefits

  • Learn to give positive feedback
  • Learn to deliver negative feedback - and keep it positive 
  • How to resolve potentially negative responses to feedback
  • Follow up skills
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Defining expectations
  • Performance documentation
  • Keep lines of performance communication open
  • Improve results of the entire department


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • How to Give Employees Feedback the Way They Want to Receive It So They’re Much More Likely to Cooperate

Managers taking this seminar want their own bosses to give them feedback with this approach

  • Resolve Negative Employee Resistance to Feedback Skill #1 

One win-win skill that typically resolves 50%+ of negative employee reactions to feedback

  • Resolve Negative Employee Resistance to Feedback Skill #2

Facilitate employees in developing valid solutions

  • When Employees Don’t Keep Performance Agreements

Resolve situations where employees agree to improve their performance and then don’t

  • Develop Feedback Agreements with Employees in Advance

When managers and employees agree in advance how feedback will be given and received, future problems can be avoided

  • A Skill to Confirm Understanding and Defuse Anger

Know how to confirm and acknowledge employee concerns; defuse anger and defensiveness

  • Positive Feedback Skill #1: Effective Appreciation

Giving positive feedback effectively is as important as giving corrective feedback

  • Positive Feedback Skill #2: Help Employees Understand the Value of Their Work

Most employees don’t understand the value they deliver; those who do are more motivated, cooperative and deliver improved performance

  • Improving Manager-Employee Work Relationships

Learn how these skills improve manager-employee collaboration and results


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