The Essential Skills for New Supervisors


Workshop Trains Supervisors How to Delegate, Set Goals, Give Feedback and Motivate Employees


This onsite workshop for new supervisors develops the communication, coaching and performance management skills needed to supervise employees and lead teams effectively. And, build positive employees relations in the workplace.

This supervisor training teaches techniques for motivation, delegation, team development and time management are developed in this industry-specific and highly interactive seminar. Plus, specific guidance for supervising friends and supervising people with more experience is given in this course. Give your supervisors the skills needed to effectively manage employees in today’s workplace and take advantage of the many benefits of onsite training.


New Supervisor training to deal with these challenges:

  • Attitude is hurting morale
  • I have to watch them every step
  • To get it done right, I have to do it myself
  • Employees are not motivated
  • Goals get lost in daily obstacles and crises
  • Some employees just won’t listen
  • Discipline is not working
  • Feelings of unfairness exist
  • My authority is being challenged
  • Performance improvement efforts are not working
  • Some employees don’t communicate well
  • Managing friends can be difficult
  • Not enough time
  • And more...


Who Should Attend

New managers, supervisors, employees with management potential and those interested in refreshing their core skills of managing people.


Training Benefits

  • Increase the productivity and output of your department
  • Improve the morale and team building of your employees
  • Eliminate conflict between employees or functions
  • Increase the ability to lead, motivate and evaluate your staff
  • Develop more positive communication skills with peers, subordinates and management
  • Develop improved management level decision-making abilities


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • How to develop the basis for trust and confidence with your employees
  • How to use non-monetary motivating techniques
  • How to work more effectively with different personality types
  • How to create and maintain a consistent team vision
  • How to better hold employees accountable and responsible for performance and results
  • How to delegate effectively without overloading employees
  • How to successfully coach and counsel employees for top performance
  • How to effectively manage employees who are former peers
  • How to manage employees with more seniority than you
  • How to fairly and positively evaluate employee performance
  • How to legally and safely criticize and discipline employees
  • How to manage my time better
  • How to manage meetting better
  • My Action Plan


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