Managing Performance Problems Effectively


Learn Performance Management Skills and Methods to Improve Job Performance and Productivity


This training session shows managers and supervisors how to identify the real reasons why employees are not performing to standards and how to implement an interactive performance management techniques to overcome and correct performance problems.  

Helping people overcome performance problems requires more than just telling the employee they have to do better, or identifying what is wrong – or telling them how to do the job right. The employee probably already knows how to do the job – in most cases, the employee has already been trained. It’s no wonder why most managers feel uncomfortable about how to go about giving negative feedback, getting improved performance and reinforcing good behavior.

Often, managers fall into performance management “thinking” traps such as:

  • Turning bad performance into good performance takes too much time – and I don’t have time
  • There is little chance for a positive change in performance
  • Surfacing negative performance issues can create arguments and animosity
  • …and the list goes on

This workshop uses practical exercises and interactive discussions designed to show managers how to effectively review performance, surface performance issues and how to improve the performance at every stage of the performance management process.


Who should attend

Mangers, supervisors and team leads at all levels


Training Benefits

  • Employee performance is aligned with organizational goals, department goals and individual goals
  • Current performance levels are recognized and communicated effectively
  • Relevant, real-time performance goals and expectations are set – and met
  • Performance is documented automatically in an ongoing fashion - not once per performance
  • Identify the causes of performance problems
  • Interactively develop solutions with employees to help solve the problems
  • Create solutions that are both practical and feasible –with employee buy-in
  • Manage and appropriately handle conflict arising from performance problem discussions
  • Confirm and reinforce standards on an ongoing basis to prevent the reoccurrence of performance problems
  • Give performance feedback that is ongoing and timely
  • Document the performance management process


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Basic requirements to efficiently apply the Performance Management Process
  • Communicating and confirming performance standards
  • Identifying performance discrepancies and deficiencies
  • Using performance appraisals and evaluations
  • Setting performance objectives
  • How to pinpoint reasons and causes of performance issues
  • What performance issues are worth pursuing?
  • How to initiate the performance interview
  • Coaching for performance
  • Fast fixes to performance issues
  • Implementing a continuous improvement strategy
  • How to avoid punishing desired performance
  • Stop rewarding undesired performance
  • Managing consequences effectively
  • Understanding the impact of undesired performance
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing skill deficiencies
  • Changing performance standards and goals
  • Overcoming obstacles to peak performance
  • Rethinking motivation and performance
  • Develop your Personal Action Plan


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