Developing Essential Management Communication Skills


Communication Skills Training for Managers

Managers are responsible to engage, motivate and inspire their people. Employees are responsible to perform their jobs according to the standards of performance. Both managers and employees understand their responsibilities. So why is it not working? Why isn't performance higher? Communication skills are most often to blame. In this course, managers develop critical management communication skills to handle the most difficult management communication challenges for better individual and team performance.

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Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors assigned to high visibility areas in which enhanced communication skills are critical to the overall effectiveness of meeting business objectives.


Training Benefits

  • Learn strategies to communicate with senior management to maximize results with minimum time investment
  • Develop consensus building leadership skills
  • Reduce the stress within departments by opening lines of communication
  • Establish immediate rapport with co-workers, direct reports, or clients
  • Strengthen and develop diplomatic skills in challenging situations to avoid “legal landmines”
  • Generate fewer visits to the Human Resources Department regarding grievances
  • Increase the respect level for management from critical departments
  • Improve the impact of management presentations to internal and external contacts


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points Delivered

  • Master the art of persuasion to motivate others to team effort and higher levels of goal achievement
  • Use silence to gain information from others
  • Handle criticism without becoming defensive
  • Defuse explosive or tense situations
  • Clear your path of the most common obstacles of getting your point across
  • Communicating your perspective with clarity and power
  • Avoid giving away your personal power
  • Use “damage control” tactics to smooth over hard feelings and prevent grudges from being formed
  • Know how to use your communication skills to gain the respect of associates up and down the ladder
  • Determine how to avoid words and phrases that rob your message of credibility


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