Delegating for Success


Delegation Skills Training Course for How to Delegate Effectively


This training session gives participants the skills they need to empower staff, get things done and build morale through effective delegation. They learn how to implement proven strategies to pinpoint the right task, the right time and the right person to help maximize productivity for their team. 

Teaching the required skills, techniques and step-by-step processes to delegate effectively, this course takes managers to a new level of effectiveness. Through dynamic classroom instruction, small-group interaction and practice sessions, participants are provided a valuable skill-building experience.

Delegating for Success is guaranteed to build your know-how in these important management skills and you can begin using these skills immediately.


Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, project managers and team leaders who have direct reports or who work in a team environment.


Training Benefits

  • Greater competence and confidence in assigning work and responsibilities
  • Improved teamwork, cooperation and collaboration through clear communication of roles and authority
  • Avoid miscommunication when setting tasks and expectations
  • Improved willingness of staff and team members to take on responsibilities
  • Empower and motivate staff to handle more difficult assignments
  • Elevate overall departmental effectiveness


Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Delegating Basics

  • The purpose of delegating

  • The benefits of delegating

  • What gets in the way of delegating?

  • Signs that your delegating may need improvement

  • Assess your delegating skills

  • Guidelines for Effective Delegating

  • Establish the right environment

  • Personal Insight: Delegate responsibility in order to move with speed

  • Approaches to Delegation

  • Delegate to one responsible person

  • Delegate by task

  • Delegate by project


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