Management / Leadership Development Program


Training Managers How to Lead People and Create High-Performance Work Climates and Foster Employee Engagement


This onsite Leadership and Management Development Program provides a complete curriculum to train managers and supervisors in the skills required to lead and manage people. This training is customized and designed to develop four critical skills for management and supervisory success. 

The Four Skills for Management Success:

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Performance management skills 
  • Decision making and planning skills



Developing effective leadership and management skills creates a competitive advantage for your organization. Unfortunately, these skills do not come easily for most people. Most supervisors are promoted to their position – not because of their management skills – but because of their ability to do the tasks assigned. 
Training these skills is critical to their success.
Additional and supplemental management training can be added to create a complete curriculum for all your managers and supervisors. (These additional programs 
are listed at the bottom of this page.)



Who Should Attend

This curriculum is intended for supervisors and managers wanting to develop and enhance their core competencies in the skills of professional management. This course is designed to be given over four days, which can be continuous or spread over time. Optional “next step” topics are shown at the end of this outline. Using the tools of strong leadership, effective communication, performance management and organizational development, the attendees will maximize their own potential while achieving the goals of the organization.



Training Benefits

  • For newly appointed supervisors and managers: the opportunity to become equipped with the tools necessary for success in their new role.
  • For the experienced supervisors and managers: the opportunity to revisit the building blocks of management excellence while focusing on the specific challenges of their present situation.
  • For the employer: the opportunity to have a professionally developed, custom designed, targeted learning curriculum for its employees and industry without high cost or adding to overhead.



Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

Course 1:  The Essentials of Strong Leadership

  • Focusing on the essential elements in providing strong and effective leadership to employees
  • Understanding leadership and its impact on the organization
  • Evaluating leadership styles; recognizing strengths and areas for development
  • Developing a basis of trust and confidence with employees
  • Understanding the keys to successful motivation
  • Using goal setting, time management, planning and prioritizing techniques successfully
  • Implementing effective delegation techniques
  • Empowering employees to take on more responsibility
  • Removing barriers to enable employees to succeed
  • Organizing and coordinating employees’ activities effectively


Course 2:  Critical Management Communication Skills

  • Gives supervisors and managers the techniques required to communicate effectively, both up and down, within the organization. In this course, participants will learn that communication is the art of expressing ideas to create action.
  • Mastering the art of persuasion to motivate others to higher levels of achievement
  • Handling criticism without becoming defensive
  • Defusing tense or explosive situations
  • Removing the most common obstacles in getting critical ideas across
  • Becoming a better communicator by being a better listener
  • Communicating your perspective with clarity and power
  • Using “damage control” tactics to smooth over hard feelings and prevent grudges
  • Avoiding words and phrases that cost credibility
  • Using silence to gain information


Course 3:  The Keys to Successful Performance Management

  • Enabling supervisors and managers to develop their skills to raise productivity, improve worker morale, retain good employees, and enhance the workplace environment
  • Developing realistic and objective performance measures
  • Setting and communicating specific expectations
  • Working with job descriptions and position statements
  • Developing work instructions and task listings
  • Coaching employees to acquire or develop job skills and knowledge
  • Counseling employees through difficult performance issues
  • Monitoring employee productivity
  • Implementing a process of giving and receiving feedback
  • Preparing meaningful performance evaluations


Course 4:  Decision Making and Planning Skills

  • Enabling supervisors and managers to more effectively plan and implement the steps necessary to achieve goals and improve processes
  • The decision-making process
  • Decision-making styles
  • Group versus individual decision making
  • Identify team, department and organizational needs and goals
  • SWOT analysis at the department level
  • Developing realistic goals that have positive results
  • Integrating the organization’s mission in both strategic and operational planning
  • Establishing the priority of activities to maximize their impact
  • Analyzing processes to determine their effectiveness
  • Improving processes – methods to eliminate wasteful steps



Additional and Supplemental Management Training 

At the conclusion of the Management Development Program, supervisors and managers will have enhanced their skills in the four core areas of management excellence. Optional additional training courses, which may be the next step in the career and can be added or incorporated into the development of your supervisors and managers, include:


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