Leadership: Creating a Hero's Journey


Training Leadership Skills that Are the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success


A Leadership course for anyone seeking to understand what it really takes to be an effective leader in today’s competitive world. This leadership training, developed by Larry Checco, develops the kind of leadership skills that attract and retain better, brighter and more motivated employees. Not just theory. Everyone discovers new skills that cam be applied immediately!

It's 4:45 p.m. on a Friday. An important document needs to go out, but there's no toner or paper in the copy machine. Believe it or not, the most important person in your organization at that very moment is not the head of your agency or other high-level staff.  It's the support person who's responsible for maintaining the copy machine.

As a leader, the question is:

How do you make everyone in your organization – from support staff to directors – perform as an invested employee who understands the role he or she plays in achieving the organization's mission effectively and efficiently?

Leadership is an all-encompassing endeavor. Yet, leadership is not about the leader. It's about everything the leader influences, from employee morale to workplace productivity to how your organization, or department, is perceived by others. It’s about inspiring employees to make good decisions, and explaining how those decisions reflect upon the organization's reputation or brand, as well as their own careers. That being said, many leaders angst over their own personal responsibilities, wishing people would “just do their jobs without having to be prodded or told what to do every step of the way.”

During this highly interactive session, participants discover how good leaders map out heros' journeys for those they seek to lead, and the value of this leadership approach – for employees and leaders, alike. Plus, they gain greater insight into key elements of how external audiences perceive their organization or department and the importance of those perceptions.

In this course, everyone develops a better understanding of the value of the organization's good reputation, or brand, and how implementing today's best leadership practices can create an asset that attracts and retains better, brighter and more motivated employees – which often makes "leading" employees an easier proposition.


Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone seeking to establish themselves as a true leader in an organization. 


Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • How to take an honest, introspective look at yourself as a leader
    • Discover your leadership style
    • Learn whether you are part of the workplace solution or part of its problem
  • What good leaders do to create healthy, productive and engaging workplace environments
    • Get a brief overview of how "The Hero's Journey" applies  to good leadership
  • Brief case studies of leadership styles that work and those that don't
    • Participate in a peer-to-peer exchange of experiences facilitated by the presenter
  • How to motivate all employees to become people who feel valued, vested and recognized for their work
    • Understand why it's all about them; not about you
  • How good leadership relates to good brand visibility for you, your employees and your department or agency
    • Learn why a good brand is far less about marketing, advertising and PR, and far more about quality leadership and staff; accountable, responsible and ethical behavior; and your organization's willingness, ability and commitment to live up to what it says about itself.


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