Coaching and Mentoring for Excellence


Practical Training to Develop Meaningful Mentoring Relationship​s

Develop coaching and mentoring skills to maximize employee development and performance in this 1-day management training seminar.

These days, successful managers need to get more done with fewer employees. Plus, employees change jobs more frequently and the talent you really need is often not readily available. Today, more than ever, managers need to implement effective coaching and mentoring skills. 

Discover the skills and techniques exceptional coaches and mentors use.

 Overcome these performance problems

  • Succession planning is not occurring at all levels of the organization
  • Change management efforts fall short
  • Employees are uncomfortable taking risks
  • Performance problems linger on and on
  • People are too complacent in their job
  • Employees are not interested in trying to improve results
  • Willingness to help others is limited
  • Individual potential is not realized
  • Limited exchange of new ideas
  • Employees feel their opportunities are limited
  • When someone leaves a position, it is hard to fill

This newly updated seminar teaches participants how to coach and mentor employees. Participants learn the required skills, techniques and step-by-step processes to develop employees for their career, move individuals and teams to the next level of performance, or overcome performance problems; this course takes managers to a new level of effectiveness.

Through dynamic classroom instruction, small-group interaction and practice sessions, participants are provided a valuable skill-building experience.


Who Should Attend

Managers or supervisors who may coach or mentor within their agency’s succession plan or who want to develop others on their staff, and anyone in a position to coach or mentor other employees, formally or informally. 


Training Benefits

  • Learn coaching and mentoring strategies and skills
  • Improved performance management
  • Develop skills to give effective feedback and guidance
  • Understand the relationship between coaching and mentoring
  • Use a step-by-step guide to conduct effective coaching or mentoring meeting sessions
  • Use the best approach to train and coach different individuals
  • Effectively coach and mentor teams
  • Understand learning styles to coach or mentor more effectively

Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Understand the difference between Coaching and Mentoring
  • Develop a step-by-step employee development program
  • Build loyalty and trust by making every team member feel valued and appreciated
  • Learn the keys to effective coaching
  • Use a step-by-step method for providing feedback in a way that gets positive behavior change and growth
  • How to avoid anger and resentment when giving negative feedback
  • How to increase coaching effectiveness by improving listening skills
  • How to coach your under performers and inspire them to become strong contributors
  • Understand how different learning styles impact coaching
  • Use different coaching approaches for different employees
  • How-to’s for handling the most common employee problems
  • Use accountability as a positive motivator
  • Learn best practices for dealing with underachievers
  • Recognizing the reasons for employee mistakes and frustration
  • Know the secret to making people feel valued and appreciated
  • How to get employees to take the initiative
  • How to motivate individuals to achieve even more
  • How to keep employee personal problems from affecting work
  • Use mentoring to take your most valued employees skills to the next level
  • Essential how-to’s for successful mentoring
  • Common mentoring mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to plan for each employee’s continuous development
  • How to establish a more positive, energized work environment
  • Empowering employees to tap their personal strengths to exceed your expectations
  • Spot employee burnout — and what to do about it


Coaching and mentoring are an essential part of management and leadership development. Without training, these skills are learned by trial and error or not learned at all. We recommend organizations train their managers and supervisors how to use coaching and mentoring skills to prepare individuals and teams to achieve full potential. 


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