Improved Coaching and Counseling Skills


Workshop Training Coaching and Counseling Skills to Improve Employee Performance

This onsite seminar workshop develops a manager's skills to coach and counsel employees effectively, to improve job performance and motivate people. Participants learn how to identify coaching needs and follow a step-by-step guide to coaching. They learn how to effectively communicate performance expectations, how to give positive and negative performance feedback, how to provide coaching follow-up and support and how to measure performance results.

The ability of frontline managers and supervisors to inspire their staff is essential to organizational success. This can happen only through effective coaching. Too often, “working” managers and supervisors fail to provide effective coaching because they feel they don't have time and/or they don't know how. In this course, everyone develops skills to coach effectively and save time by dealing with performance problems in a timely manner.  


 Does this sound familiar?

  • Managers need to do a better job of preparing their employees to take on new challenges
  • Coaching is done reactively instead of proactively
  • Performance expectations are not clearly defined or upheld
  • Poor performance and work-habit discussions are put off because the supervisor is uncomfortable giving negative performance feedback
  • Managers and supervisors are reluctant to expand and build employee capabilities
  • Coaching is more of a “do-what-you-are-told” approach rather than using encouragement and involvement to build commitment


With the skills learned in this course, managers and supervisors are better equipped to conduct effective performance improvement discussions and provide the feedback and ongoing support employees need to improve job performance and work behaviors.

Participants learn how to

  • Establish clear performance goals and objectives
  • Provide specific, timely feedback related to both good and poor performance
  • Encourage people to take initiative
  • Encourage involvement and build commitment
  • Expand their team’s ability to achieve goals
  • Address work-habit issues firmly, fairly and consistently


Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and supervisors who want to increase employee productivity and morale while building stronger teams through more effective coaching and feedback. This training develops competencies for coaching skills, management communication skills, performance management, gaining employee commitment and motivating employees.


Training Benefits

  • Improve morale and team commitment
  • Enhance your leadership skills and abilities
  • Improve the motivation of employees with non-monetary rewards
  • Increase the knowledge of how to safely and legally discipline employees
  • Improve the productivity of both individuals and teams
  • Succeed more effectively with angry and emotional employees



Overview of Training Topics and Learning Points

  • Establish confidence and trust with your employees
  • Understand different personalities and their effect on employee behavior
  • Apply common-sense, non-monetary motivation techniques
  • Identify what your employees really need from you as a leader
  • Understand the difference between coaching and counseling
  • Follow a step-by-step coaching process
  • Make your feedback more effective in changing behavior and performance
  • Choose the right words to improve understanding and reduce the defensiveness of employees when coached or counseled
  • Develop more powerful communication skills
  • Handle difficult situations such as people bringing personal problems to work or having to supervise former peers and co-workers
  • Effectively defuse angry and emotional employees
  • Establish and enforce progressive discipline practices
  • Provide ongoing coaching - a key to success
  • Your Action Plan


Coaching is a critical component of effective leadership. Without training, coaching is done mostly by trial and error. We recommend organizations train their coaches to prepare individuals and teams to accomplish goals successfully by providing guidance, feedback and support through effective coaching. Good coaches know how to keep good performance on track and can get employees back on track without de-motivating employees or creating problems for the organization.


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