How to Hire and Motivate Employees Legally


Training Managers to Hire the Right Person and Motivate Employees After They're Hired


This is a powerful onsite workshop that builds a combination of management skills to interview, hire, motivate, coach and discipline employees legally. From hiring to firing, this custom course covers both state and federal employment laws. No manager should be without the knowledge and skills developed in this seminar.

Managers learn the non-technical tasks for management, allowing them to effectively deal with the human resource side of management.

Experienced and new managers both will benefit from this course.



 Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and frontline supervisors who have responsibility for interviewing, hiring, daily feedback to employees, coaching, performance evaluations, retention of individuals in a highly motivated environment, discipline and termination.


 Training Benefits

  • Proven techniques for proper recruiting
  • Safe and legal ways to interview
  • Questions one can and cannot ask
  • How to avoid the 10 most fatal management errors
  • Conducting performance evaluations which turn into performance management tools
  • Dealing legally with negative attitudes and how to correct them
  • Safe and proper discipline which could lead to discharge



 Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Understanding the legal ramifications of interviewing
  • Learn how to give and receive proper criticism as a supervisor
  • Identify how to deal with difficult personalities
  • Develop the skills of how to take the negative employee (bad attitude) and turn it around into a productive employee
  • Ascertain how to build proper documentation of employees - the good and bad
  • Conduct non-subjective performance evaluations and make it painless for both parties
  • Recognize the most effective way to motivate employees and maintain standards
  • Understand “It's not just what we say, but how we say it”
  • Establish how to legally and safely discharge when all else fails


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