Bridging the Generation Gap at Work

Overcome generation gap differences to improve communication, respect and productivity.

 There is help on how to overcome the generation gap in the workplace and managing generational differences that are a natural part of the cross-generational workforce. 

In this onsite seminar, participants learn interpersonal skills to overcome generational differences that can create miscommunication and conflict within the cross-generational team and the entire workplace.

Understand Generational Dynamics

For the first time in history, four generations share the workplace. Not managing generational differences can result in a clash of communication styles and work ethics that can create cultural chaos. Employees from all generations must take on the responsibility to overcome the generational differences and bridging the generation gap.

Recognize Generational Differences to Keep Employees Connected and Engaged

With the interpersonal and communication skills developed in this generation gap training, participants learn how to collaborate effectively across generational differences in the workplace. They become more productive by recognizing and utilizing the strengths of the different generations within the team and the organization.

Workplace generational differences (article) are often responsible for conflict and miscommunication in the workplace. But generational differences need not divide the workplace. The key to working with different generations lies in our ability to understand generational motivations and values. Being able to appreciate and use these differences to enhance the workplace environment is what this training is all about.

This seminar covers all four workplace generations. Participants learn how to effectively communicate with, work with and manage generational differences to maximize team performance and improve workplace effectiveness. Participants discover techniques to effectively deal with conflict among different generations and learn strategies to recruit, retain and motivate employees of all ages.

Who Should Attend

For career minded professionals at all levels who want to excel in their interpersonal and communication skills, overcome workplace conflict and build a more positive work environment.

Benefits Generational Diversity Training

  • Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Minimize the effects of the generation gap in the workplace
  • Develop better workplace communication
  • Overcome conflict due to generational differences in the workplace
  • Develop more understanding and improve collaborative work efforts
  • Develop better work relationships between new hires and long-term employees
  • Improve multi-generation team performance


Generation Gap Course Topics and Learning Points

  • Defining the workplace generations:
    • Traditionalists – (Silent Generation)
    • Baby Boomers
    • Generation Xers
    • Generation Y or Nexters
  • Sensitizing yourself with other generations
  • Understand how different generations define: 
    • respect
    • feeling valued
    • motivation
    • work values
  • Keeping employess engaged and connected
  • How to understand what people really mean when people of different generations make comments that upset you
  • How to find out what was meant by the comment and what was their intent – you may be surprised by the answer
  • How to find a common ground when the conflict is about right versus wrong
  • Gain mutual understanding about the goals of your manager and the company
  • Communicate so everyone sees value in their contribution
  • Turn "Why am I not getting what I want?" to "How can I further support my company while advancing my career?"
  • How to create synergy between individual career goals and company/department mission
  • Verbal, Written and Electronic communication and the impact on the generation gap
  • How to be aware of generational differences and anticipate miscommunication
  • Learn techniques to effectively deal with conflict among different generations
  • How to tailor your message for maximum effect — keeping in mind generational differences
  • Birth year alone doesn't necessarily dictate generational outlook
  • How to effectively coach, manage and work within inter-generational teams to maximize performance
  • Learn strategies for recruiting, retaining and motivating employees to promote winning behaviors
  • And much more...


Additional onsite seminars on workplace generations and their impact on the workplace include: Working in a Cross-Generational Team and Managing Cross-Generational Teams.  Without training, generational differences in the workplace can limit team and organizational success.

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